Butt-Ugly Noodle, founded in the winter off 2009 in Haarlem, it's goals to enjoy themselves and the public with their music. So why butt-ugly noodle? Well have you ever seen a cute looking noodle?? As a noodle, we are tasty, diverse looking, and we can come in different flavors.


Name: Angelo

AKA: Angelo

Gear: MAPEX V series, VIC firth drumsticks

Likes: Sushi

Dislikes: Cheese

Former bands: Van 6 tot 9, Rossi Aperitif, Gabriela Espinoza Vazquez Project

Favorite quote: There is no fate but what you make - Sarah Connor, Terminator 2


Name: Kenneth

AKA: Kenney

Gear: Ibanez 200 gsr

          Ibanez 205 gsr

          Hartke 435 HA

          Hartke 4x10xl

Likes: Beer,pizza and Johny Depp movies

Dislikes: reality shows like x-factor and such

Former bands: Project Insanity, Warriors of Abaddon, Genocide, L.O.T.M

Favorite quote: All this I cannot witnes any longer , cannot the kingdom of wisdom of salvation take me home - Cliff Burton




Name: Judith

AKA: Miss Mantis

Gear: Fender Telecaster, Line 6 spider valve 212

Likes: Beer, chocolate, gaming,

Dislikes: Brocoli, Pizza and R&B music

Former bands: Sideline, Togglehead

Quote: Mind your head!


Name: Rene

AKA: Eightball

Gear: Hamer studio, Gibson LP menace, Gretch G5122, Blackstar series one 45, Blackstar boost, Boss Delay DD-20, Real McCoy custom way and lots more stuff

Likes: gaming, guitar, beer pizza, spareribs

Dislikes: American next top model, coldplay, snowpatrol, R&B music

Former bands: Gabriela Espinoza Vazquez Project

Quote: Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings - Ed Gardner